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Because the world is a sad place & I need some nerding: here's a thread about the man Hans Christian Andersen fell in love with.
According to his own journals HCA was a virgin by choice, but he had infatuations, the strongest for Edvard Collin the son of his benefactor.
Collin represented the privileged world HCA desperately wanted to belong in and always felt on the outside of.
At first they were friends but HCA got... intense about his feelings. Leading up to EC's wedding, HCA starts writing these love letters.
HCA writes to EC: "My sentiments for you are those of a woman. The femininity of my nature and our friendship must remain a mystery."
(This is where I stop feeling comfortable using male pronouns for Hans Christian Andersen)
Collin for his part expressed regret he couldn't reciprocate Andersen's feelings.
The situation escalated to the point that HCA was basically disinvited from EC's wedding and didn't find out the deets till the day before.
The reason apparently being that Andersen had written a song to perform for Collin at his wedding.
Anyway, HCA starts writing The Little Mermaid at the same time.
The original is the tale of a young mermaid who wants desperately to gain a human soul & discovers the love of a man is how to do it.
She lets her tongue be cut out in exchange for feet that bleed when she walks. All so she can get on land, get a man & therefore a soul.
The prince treats her like a pet. She sleeps curled up outside his door. He marries someone else, she jumps into the sea & turns into foam.
Then there's this ending no one accepts where she evaporates & becomes a spirit of the air & if kids are good she can get into heaven and be reunited with her prince there. Yeah. The one who didn't love her, like at all. Makes tons of sense.
Before publication the last line was removed: "I myself shall strive to win an immortal soul, that in the world beyond I may be reunited with him to whom I gave my whole heart."
Yeah, Andersen wrote The Little Mermaid to give herself a way to feel fully human & united with a man who didn't love her. Girl.
So I said I'd get to Edvard Collin's familiar sounding name. Twilight is Little Mermaid fanfic. No seriously.
Bella wants to be a vampire and... everything works out and she's the best at it and there's no drama. It's bad fanfic, but still.
And instead of being actually totally disinterested in her, Edvard Collin... sorry, Edward Cullen... is a stalker.
But yeah that's the background of that particular piece of misogynist Mormon YA fiction.

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Дайри умерли, а я ещё нет.
craftornament, да, там какие-то странные ассоциации начались :nerve:


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