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Дайри умерли, а я ещё нет.
Немного диковатых теорий за последние... несколько лет.
(Потому что черновики выбросить жалко, а девать некуда...)

Поиски сайлентов в 5 сезоне :gigi:
Поиски неизвестно чего в "Одиннадцатом часа"

Первое упоминание 8,5

Не пытайтесь повторить это дома: попытки собрать таймлайн Ривер с учётом аудио и книг: раз, два. (Спойлер: там ничего не работает :-D Мне особенно нравится, как одна сюжетная линия в аудио кончилась тем, что она застряла в Матрице, и... а чёрт его знает, когда по таймлайну это было :D)

With the very odd exception, each episode (including Pond Life) has contained


Egg references
References to the Doctor having a hand in a music recording
Flickering light bulbs
References to Christmas
The Doctor being unknown to someone or other
Hints at the importance of having a companion coupled with hints that he won't have the Ponds for long (obvious)
"That's New!"

But, this could all mean absolutely nothing at all...

Anyone else remember the rubbish about The Moon? That was nonsense.

If there's a mission statement for Moffat's version of Who, it has to be the trailer line, "Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end... but not necessarily in that order."

Когда заспекулировали Клару дальше некуда:
...Clara's age when someone important to her died. The year I'm talking about is the year of her mother's death, 2005. She was 16 that year, which is one of the numbers missing from her book. The other number, '23' is probably when he friend died.

On Saturday 5 March 2005 (some three weeks before its TV debut), a rough-cut version of episode one, "Rose" was leaked onto the Internet by an unnamed employee of a third-party contractor to CBC in Canada.

As noted above, Rose leaked that day, and Ellie's birthdate (11th September 1960) was when Pathfinder in Space (by Sidney Newman) started on ITV. But hey, humans & patterns etc.

Ah, just realized what March 5, 2005 is the day of... It's the day Rose joins Nine in the TARDIS as his companion (meets him on the night of March 4)

He could, of course be an older McGann but, as the movie was 17 years ago, so could, eh, McGann....

On that theory The Woman Who Lived takes place after Clara's demise (from the Doctor's perspective), since the Doctor is wearing the checkered trousers. That would explain the Doctor's behaviour in the final scene.

According to legend, the picture of the Beatles on Abbey Road is meant to give us clue that PAUL IS DEAD.
Not Paul is eventually going to die, you see?

Sleep No More
India and Japan smashed together........... a hybrid.

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