Amy Benson
Дайри умерли, а я ещё нет.
В тексте “Sherlock is Garbage and Here’s Why” is Garbage, and Here’s Why (да, до этого дошло) предложено весьма интересное (несмотря на обилие социализма) прочтение 4 сезона "Шерлока".
4 сезон "Шерлока" (особенно в сочетании с TRODM и 10 сезоном ДК) оставил после себя ощущение отката, отступления, отданной высоты. Эта мета рационализирует это ощущение и находит ему весомое объяснение: саморазрушение и признание поражения перед реальностью.

Series four, of course, is the story of Sherlock tearing itself apart, beginning by killing off its best character, and meticulously unravelling everything that made the show unique, eventually collapsing into a nice and simple series of detective yarns too boring to broadcast, a hellish condemnation to single vision and Newton’s sleep.
In the midst of this comes “The Lying Detective“, which more than any other episode presents the moral case that this version of Sherlock Holmes has outlived his usefulness.
Once you have reached the fundamental limits of the character (and ‘he is a member of the same institutional hierarchy that enables and facilitates systematic abuse’ is a pretty fundamental limit) there is little more to do except abandon him in his stupid little crime-solving cul-de-sac. As Mary Watson says, we are done with having the world explained to us by a man. This, then, is the true brilliance of “The Lying Detective“. The story so good it killed off Sherlock forever.

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