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That moment when you realise this and "Dark Water" had more or less the same cliff-hanger

And I was mislead by the fact that the daughter was a hallucination - right up until it was revealed that she had been a hallucination, when I realised that she couldn't be.

I thought she must've killed herself in/near the flat and Sherlock only imagined the walk around London with her (all he did was tell her how he worked it out rather than learn anything new from her - I think).

As I was watching it I thought the reveal would be that the daughter had actually shot herself after Sherlock had dismissed her case, and much of what we saw as he walked round London had been a guilt-ridden hallucination. That's one reason Mary's a constant presence in this one - a red herring to make us think that John's not the only person talking to ghosts of women who they failed to save.

It's so brilliantly television literate - it's shot entirely so smug bastards like me call that she's a hallucination immediately, get it CONFIRMED BY THE SHOW so when the real twist roles around, no one sees it coming.

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