Amy Benson
Логан лежит на дне залива и по-прежнему очень старается не волноваться (с)
Разбираю логи гуглчата, нашла там утащенное у кого-то о Rogue One:

This is a weird movie. The first act is a mess, the second kind of goes nowhere but it brings it the fuck home in the 3rd. It's like the anti-thesis to every franchise film out there. Especially given that it has no interest in spawning a trilogy of films or whatever.

И ещё вот:

i met a scholar once who said that tragedies aren’t about a silly “flaw” or anything, it’s about having a hero who’s just in the wrong goddamn story
if hamlet swapped places with othello he wouldn’t be duped by any of iago’s shit, he’d sit down & have a good think & actually examine the facts before taking action. meanwhile in denmark, othello would have killed claudius before act 2 could even start. but instead nope, they’re both in situations where their greatest strengths are totally useless and now we’ve got all these bodies to bury.

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