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12 - обрывочные меты

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Episodes in pairs
Seeing the future first and the past last (UTL/BTF)
The Doctor and Davros with Davros the Great Healer (Doctor) and the Doctor the creator of the hybrid (Creator/Davros)
Night mode in daytime and daytime in the blackness of everlasting darkness
Zygons as humans and humans that are Zygons
Osgood and Osgood
Which one are you? She is both but is only one - one is both and both are one
Friends within enemies, enemies within friends
Death opens a door, life closes a door
Enemies are never a problem, you have to watch your friends
Mortal Ashildir has a whole village who will die for her
Immortal Ashildir lives alone
Finite life has a name and a story (Ashildir)
Infinite life has no name and outlives all it's stories, forgetting them (Me)
Death is not the end
From death springs immortal life
Life is the end (of memory)
Missy and Clara with Missy as the Doctors friend which makes Clara...........
2 Claras - one good, one evil. The evil one ends up good which means the good one ends up.......

(из каких-то обсуждений?)

Про Sleep No More:

It takes the unexplained nature of the monster from Midnight and combines it with both the Doctor leaving the story baffled because he doesn't get the info that the audience does from Girl in the Fireplace AND the implication from Blink that the story's monsters are coming for us. So it's a story about a plot to murder the audience, which the Doctor walks through confused and aware of its fictional status but unable to connect the dots and finally leaves before the villain succeeds in its goal and implants itself into you and me.

I loved how there wasn't any 'I AM THE DOCTOR!' or cuddly post-adventure finale of the sort we get every single time. It's totally unclear what is happening during the final act, but we're given enough info so on some level we vaguely get it. Then the episode just abruptly ends unexpectedly with this horrifying twist ending in which I the viewer ¤¤¤¤ing die. The ULTIMATE Moffat era fake death ending.

When did you get it? (Heaven Sent time-loop-(not)

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11 - обрывочные меты

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I would argue that there's a very strong sense of family and last of one's kind in series 5. In each episode we're given examples of various creatures who are either trying to save their race from extinction or have become the last of their species. Family is a huge theme in series 5....and what happens when you lose them. (We go from noble last of species starwhale who sacrifices out of love for children to vampire fish who would destroy anything for her family to a blind creature who lashes out from fear of being left alone)

There's also the compelling visual in Amy's Choice where the old people seem to never die and we see them feast on the children of the village....this in an episode where the Dream Lord taunts the Doctor for liking the young but then just running away after awhile leaving them to never return. This episode, and the Vampire one where the matriarch taunts him about not saving his people but just running away, seems to suggest that the Doctor struggles with being OLD on an epic scale and perhaps sees himself as feeding on youth's energy. In his mind, he doesn't save them, he uses them. He is the antithesis of all the creatures we meet in series 5. He killed his people, he ran away...and keeps running. He is the monster, not all the scary creatures whom we learn episode after episode are just trying to keep their kind alive.

We then of course, have a parentless little girl and a Doctor who while trying to help, seems to almost become a parody of a bumbling dad who can't quite do anything right but wants to be the little girl's favorite and when a 'rival' comes on scene he's petulent, pouty and all the while starts to approve of the new 'love interest'. Amelia becomes his family without him being aware...he's sure he can run away at any point...but he get's in too deep and realizes that he can't. He's becoming the starwhale.

The themes of family and last of kind IMO were never there for Amy/River and Rory.....it has always been about the Doctor. Series 5(and 6) was about him being the last of his kind, the killer of his people. Someone so tired of just existing and hurting those he loves. He's at a crisis point....what do you do when you're the last of your kind? Do you behave blindly, do you behave badly or do you act with love? Amy saved the Starwhale, she saves the Doctor too.(And now we're facing the Doctor losing family all over again)


About The Wedding of River Song:
Eleven, in the very episode that's about killing off the Lonely God once and for all, meets River when she is Waters of Mars Ten. He's just decided to lay this part of himself to rest, and there's the Timelord Victorious standing right in front of him--and he doesn't run away, or shove her in a cupboard, or try to kill her, or "give her a choice" to make himself feel better about killing her... he marries her. He loves her and accepts her and that's how he gets her to stop.
(c) 10littlebullets

Matt Smith's Best Story?

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поиски чёрной кошки в тёмной комнате, где её нет

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Немного диковатых теорий за последние... несколько лет.
(Потому что черновики выбросить жалко, а девать некуда...)

Поиски сайлентов в 5 сезоне :gigi:
Поиски неизвестно чего в "Одиннадцатом часа"

Первое упоминание 8,5

Не пытайтесь повторить это дома: попытки собрать таймлайн Ривер с учётом аудио и книг: раз, два. (Спойлер: там ничего не работает :-D Мне особенно нравится, как одна сюжетная линия в аудио кончилась тем, что она застряла в Матрице, и... а чёрт его знает, когда по таймлайну это было :D)

With the very odd exception, each episode (including Pond Life) has contained


Egg references
References to the Doctor having a hand in a music recording
Flickering light bulbs
References to Christmas
The Doctor being unknown to someone or other
Hints at the importance of having a companion coupled with hints that he won't have the Ponds for long (obvious)
"That's New!"

But, this could all mean absolutely nothing at all...

Anyone else remember the rubbish about The Moon? That was nonsense.

If there's a mission statement for Moffat's version of Who, it has to be the trailer line, "Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end... but not necessarily in that order."

Когда заспекулировали Клару дальше некуда:
...Clara's age when someone important to her died. The year I'm talking about is the year of her mother's death, 2005. She was 16 that year, which is one of the numbers missing from her book. The other number, '23' is probably when he friend died.

On Saturday 5 March 2005 (some three weeks before its TV debut), a rough-cut version of episode one, "Rose" was leaked onto the Internet by an unnamed employee of a third-party contractor to CBC in Canada.

As noted above, Rose leaked that day, and Ellie's birthdate (11th September 1960) was when Pathfinder in Space (by Sidney Newman) started on ITV. But hey, humans & patterns etc.

Ah, just realized what March 5, 2005 is the day of... It's the day Rose joins Nine in the TARDIS as his companion (meets him on the night of March 4)

He could, of course be an older McGann but, as the movie was 17 years ago, so could, eh, McGann....

On that theory The Woman Who Lived takes place after Clara's demise (from the Doctor's perspective), since the Doctor is wearing the checkered trousers. That would explain the Doctor's behaviour in the final scene.

According to legend, the picture of the Beatles on Abbey Road is meant to give us clue that PAUL IS DEAD.
Not Paul is eventually going to die, you see?

Sleep No More
India and Japan smashed together...........
...like a hybrid.

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Clara Who

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Always count on a Doctor to take on a death sentence for their friends.

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Пасхалки в An Adventure in Space & Time

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личное, политическое, pot, kettle етц

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RTD has a tendency to write satirically more than Moffat does, particularly about the government. I don't think, however, that this makes him more "deep" as a writer, though I understand why some people feel this way. Satire is often very relatable, as it is a comment on the world we live in. RTD seems to be making some fairly declarative statements about modern society in many of his episodes.

Moffat is more interested in abstract concepts like identity, perception, and memories. He also appears to be endlessly fascinated by love and the various ways it can express itself. These ideas can seem less "IMPORTANT" (with a capital I), because they have more to do with individuals than they do with society at large. However, I don't think they are any less valuable.

Also, neither writer sticks strictly to one style. RTD frequently incorporated themes of belief and faith into his scripts (Gridlock or LotTL are good examples), which are rather more abstract than say, the political satire of Aliens in London. And Moffat has dabbled in political satire (The Beast Below).


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Дайри умерли, а я ещё нет.
One was old and grumpy, so Two was younger and cheerful.
Two was the punchline, so Three was the straight man.
Three was too grounded, so Four was a wanderer.
Four wasn't good with people (especially towards the end), so Five was more cordial.
Five was too quiet and reserved, so Six was more confident.
Six was too open, so Seven was more secretive.
Seven became too scheming, so Eight was spontaneous.
Eight was too idealistic, so Nine was more balanced with cynicism.
Nine was less of a people person than Four, so Ten was friendlier.
Ten was vengeful and selfish, so Eleven focused more on the needs of others.

And now Eleven is a well-meaning but filthy liar, so I'm hoping Twelve is a little more straightforward with his companions. I imagine him as colder and firmer and less easily distracted, but also more humble and self-deprecating.

(c) источник потеряла

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верни себе свой 2012

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Лучшее из замечательного блога shit-alex-kingston-says :alles:

изображение изображение
изображение изображение

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Time and relatives (с)

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Вот тут какой-то героический человек сделал транскрипт "Дневника невозможных вещей". Сканы там же.

(Черновик от 2011 года, пусть будет...)

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11 сезон - ТРЕЙЛЕР

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Потеряла твит, где Джоди сравнивали с Хелависой, А ЗРЯ.

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11 сезон - тизер!!

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что еда? почему еда?

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11 сезон - промо-фото!!!

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НАКОНЕЦ-ТО к Комик Кону выпустили какие-никакие новые промки.

ещё три

(унесла из твиттера @thetimeladies_)

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На самом деле, я слушаю BFA - часть 3

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часть 1 | часть 2


Torchwood 5: Aliens Among Us 2
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The Eighth Doctor - The Time War 01
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UNIT: Encounters
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The Diary of River Song - Series 03
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ST 8.06 The Siege of Big Ben
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Нежно люблю The Caretaker как исследование отношений не только между Двенадцатым и Кларой, а в принципе между Доктором и спутницей. Попытка поставить вопрос ребром и дать определение тому, на что не всегда хватает слов.

И тогда Caretaker из названия, care-taker - но кто о ком заботится? - перекликается с duty of care, которое как раз было заглушкой, поставленной на избыток не поддающихся озвучиванию чувств.

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Series 11 - Episode Guide

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Если у кого нехватка Десятого в организме, у Биг Финиша на днях вышло чудесное получасовое постканонное аудио от лица Джеки с участием Альт!Тена - The Siege of Big Ben.
Я послушала, было больненько.
Ломать хэдканоны, обретать хэдканоны, впадать в отрицание, вот это вот всё.

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the privilege of lesser men